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10 ml Pure Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood oil has a warm and woody aroma, reminiscent of a serene forest. Its scent is earthy and comforting, with notes of rich wood and a subtle sweetness. The fragrance is grounding and relaxing, evoking a sense of stability and tranquility.


1-Relaxing and grounding: Cedarwood essential oil, when diffused, creates a calming and grounding atmosphere. Its warm and woody aroma helps to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and a sense of tranquility. Create a peaceful sanctuary in your space with the comforting scent of cedarwood.

2-Sleep support: Diffusing cedarwood oil before bedtime can support a restful night's sleep. Its soothing properties help to relax the mind and body, making it easier to unwind and prepare for a deep slumber. Enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep experience with the gentle scent of cedarwood.

3-Natural insect repellent: Cedarwood oil is a natural repellent for insects and pests. When diffused, it helps keep pesky bugs at bay, making it an excellent choice for outdoor gatherings or evenings spent on the patio. Embrace the outdoors without worrying about unwanted visitors with the protective scent of cedarwood.


Simply add 8-12 drops (depending on aroma strength preference) to your diffuser.

Not for topical application
Not to be ingested orally  
Keep out of reach of children and pets



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