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Tea Tree Roller

Tea Tree Roller

Energy of Oil

Purifying Single Oil Roll On

Tea tree essential oil carries a medicinal and slightly spicy aroma imbued with earthy undertones, often linked to its antiseptic qualities; upon topical application, it provides a feeling of purification and a potential cooling effect, frequently used to address various skin issues; emotionally, its scent invigorates and revitalizes.

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Feels like

purifying, cleansing, invigorating

Smells like

medicinal, herbal, fresh

Pulse Points

wrists, neck, behind the ears

Tea Tree

Tea Tree essential oil, derived from the leaves of the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), is a potent and versatile oil known for its cleansing and purifying properties. With a crisp and invigorating scent, this oil brings a sense of freshness and renewal to various applications.

Used for generations, Tea Tree oil is valued for its ability to promote a clear and healthy complexion when added to skincare routines. Its natural cleansing qualities make it a popular choice for DIY cleaning products.

During meditation, the Tea Tree oil's aroma can invigorate the senses, offering a revitalizing atmosphere that encourages mental clarity and a renewed perspective.

Almond Carrier Oil

Almond carrier oil, derived from almond tree seeds, is a versatile and nourishing oil popular in skincare, haircare, and massage. Laden with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, its lightweight texture makes it a superb moisturizer for various skin types.

Its gentle aroma and easy absorption make it a preferred choice for massage applications and as a base oil for blending with essential oils in aromatherapy.

Full Ingredients

Tea Tree essential oil & almond carrier oil

Our Commitment

Tea Tree Essential oil

Almond Carrier Oil

Meditation Practice

1-Create a serene space for your meditation.

2-Gently roll the Tea Tree essential oil roller onto your wrists, pulse points, and the center of your chest.

3-Find a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths, allowing tension to melt away.

4-As you close your eyes, inhale deeply, embracing the crisp and invigorating aroma of Tea Tree.

5-Envision yourself surrounded by a lush forest of tea tree plants, each exhale releasing any negativity or stress.

6-With each inhale, draw in the pure and purifying energy of the trees.

7-Feel a sense of clarity and renewal as you connect with nature's cleansing essence. Let this refreshing aroma elevate your meditation and bring a revitalizing focus to your mind.

8-When you're ready, open your eyes, carrying the renewed energy of the Tea Tree meditation with you.

Product Details

10 ml essential oil roller

History of oil use in aromatherapy

Tea tree oil has a rich history of use by Australian Aboriginal people, who crushed its leaves and applied them topically for their medicinal properties. The oil was used for its antiseptic and healing effects on wounds, cuts, and skin infections. During World War II, tea tree oil was included in soldiers' first aid kits. Today, tea tree essential oil is widely used for its antimicrobial properties and is a common ingredient in skincare and personal care products.

Which part of herb used & how extracted

Tea tree essential oil is extracted through steam distillation of the leaves and twigs of the tea tree plant, producing an oil with a medicinal and invigorating scent.

How to store

To ensure optimal efficacy, it is recommended to store all products containing essential oils in a cool, dry place, shielded from direct heat, light, and oxygen exposure.

Best practices for pregnancy & breast feeding

Before incorporating essential oil-based products into your routine during pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is essential to seek advice from your trusted healthcare provider.

Best practices for children & babies

Before introducing essential oil-based products to children, always seek guidance from your trusted healthcare provider.

Best practices for pets

Ensure pet safety when using essential oil-based products in your home, and if you have any specific questions, consult a veterinarian for guidance

Beautiful soul, our Tea Tree product is here to cleanse and refresh, just like a forest's invigorating air. Roll it on and imagine doubts swept away, leaving a clear path forward. Let its scent empower you to embrace your journey with clarity and authenticity, stepping into each moment with vitality.

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